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Our respite care home can provide supervised care for your loved one for a short-term stay, assisting with needs like medication management, mobility, meals, and activities. This allows the regular family caregiver and family members time to recharge.

What is respite care?

Respite care refers to a short-term care home stay for your loved ones to offer families temporary relief when demands overwhelm them. Whether pre-scheduled or urgently needed for a caregiver health crisis or other event, our respite stays aim to uplift – for both caregiver and senior.

Respite Care - Pulborough - West Sussex - Anchorage Care Home

Through compassionate consultation, our respite care team tailors the personalised care plan duration, environment, and support services to each family’s unique situation and loved one’s needs.

With our compassion and expertise across senior care modalities, our respite program in West Sussex strives to suit all individual needs and uplift all involved through trying times.

Why consider convalescent care?

For carers…

Respite for you and your family

It provides a break for primary caregivers, allowing them to rest and recharge, reducing caregiver stress and burnout.

Extended care cover

Respite care in Anchorage Care Home enables you to take a longer break, such as a holiday.

Smooth transition

Our convalescent care service can ease the transition into permanent residency for those considering long-term care in the future.

For residents…

Trial our home

Allowing you to experience life in our West Sussex care home temporarily. Helping you evaluate whether a care home is suitable for you long-term.

Social interaction

Giving you the opportunity to socialise with other residents, fostering a sense of community and reducing feelings of isolation.

Medical supervision

For individuals recovering from an illness or surgery, convalescent care provides the necessary medical supervision and assistance with recovery.

What to expect with our convalescent care service

Short Term Care Home - Pulborough - West Sussex - Anchorage Care Home

Creating a personal plan

At our care home that offers short term care, your loved one’s unique needs and preferences steer the support we provide during their transitional respite stay. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, our compassionate team actively listens to what brings each resident joy, purpose and comfort.

We kick off care collaborations through in-depth discussions with loved ones regarding everything from favourite foods and lifelong hobbies to small daily rituals that lend meaning.

These insights empower our staff to curate customised care and shape wellness plans spanning dining, activities, therapies and beyond.

Our facilities

At our West Sussex respite care home, we can handle daily living necessities, such as cleaning, dining and laundry services. We can also offer private and communal living spaces, depending on need. We have a busy lifestyle programme, but it remains the resident’s choice of what they take part in.

We aim to build a programme that is suited to all of our residents. Our communal areas are always inviting and homely, as new friends connect over many different activities and events in intimate, safe spaces.

Through our fully managed respite stays, we aim to uphold our residents’ spirits while alleviating strain on devoted relatives.

Respite Care Near Me - Pulborough - West Sussex - Anchorage Care Home

Frequently Ask Questions

How long can they stay?

Our short-term care and respite services adapt to each resident’s needs, spanning 2-4 weeks on average. Respite stays work around families’ circumstances, flexibly scheduled in advance for planned holidays or unexpected emergencies. By getting to know you and your loved one, and understanding each situation, we are able to provide personalised respite care responsive in both timing and length.

Can you keep to our normal routine and structure?

Keeping to regular routines or structure is vital to ensure that your loved one stays comfortable and calm. When structuring respite care, our respite care team actively collaborates so treasured routines carry through – bridging the gap between home and our short-term stay. Keeping a familiar structure through the days eases the transition while ensuring comfort and security.

What should we bring from home?

While we furnish necessities and essential items, we urge residents to pack cherished items that add personal touches and familiarity. Recommended comforts from home include:

  • Paintings
  • Framed photographs
  • Ornaments
  • Your favourite books or magazines
  • Puzzles
  • Knitting, crocheting or embroidery
  • Mobile phone, tablet and charger

Can I see my loved one during this respite period?

Friends and family are welcome to visit anytime during their short-term stay. We can even arrange meal times or activities to align with your visit. Just let us know before you plan your visit!

Will my loved one have a choice of meals or is it a set menu?

Meal choices at Anchorage Care Home allow the choice of dining in community spaces or privately in rooms per preference. Our kitchen teams communicate with all residents to understand their food preferences and tailor menus accordingly.

How much do you charge per week?

Cost varies depending on room. Please contact us for a quote.

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Next steps

Now you have an insight into our respite care at West Sussex, feel free to arrange a visit to Anchorage Care Home to meet our staff and experience our fantastic facilities.

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