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Choosing a residential care home becomes crucial when there’s a need for extra care and assistance due to changing conditions. This could be prompted by a noticeable decline in mobility or cognitive abilities, or when temporary support is required following surgery. Anchorage Care Home, as a residential care home, is dedicated to providing the necessary level of care and assistance whenever it’s needed.

Residential Care - Pulborough - West Sussex - Anchorage Care Home

Residential care home in Pulborough, West Sussex

Our residential care home aims to create a supportive and safe environment that promotes the well-being and quality of life of individuals needing additional care.

For those living with health conditions, experiencing limited mobility, or seeking peace of mind when loved ones are not nearby, our elderly care home provides a long-term care solution.

Our West Sussex residential home has become more than just a residence; it is a comforting and supportive home for our cherished residents.


At Anchorage Care Home, we embrace a family-first approach to enriching our residents’ golden years. Recognising that families’ support is integral to our residents’ lives, we actively encourage loved ones to become familiar faces within our home through frequent visits, care planning sessions, and special events.

Our open-door culture fosters seamless communication, so families always feel informed on everything from daily events and activities to health changes. When families are woven into the fabric of our elderly care home, the level of personalised care soars.

Our intergenerational community demonstrates loving support for our cherished elders, as though they were our family.

Elderly Care Home - Pulborough - West Sussex - Anchorage Care Home

Residential Care Near Me - Pulborough - West Sussex - Anchorage Care Home

Care tailored to you

At our residential care home, we cherish each individual under our roof and make it our mission to cater to every resident’s unique needs.

In preparation for your arrival, our compassionate team will get to know you fully to ensure your personalised care plan is based on your preferences, values, and goals. When staying with us at The Anchorage, you can expect respectful, person-centered care shaped by what matters most to you.

Our devoted care team is here to listen and help you to continue living life on your own terms, guided by the individual plan we create together. We provide individual care for individual people.

Activities and events

At our elderly care home, activities like chair yoga classes, live musical performances, and intergenerational play encourage our residents to gather, move, and laugh together. Book clubs, puzzle sessions, and art workshops provide mentally stimulating outlets for self-expression.

Through meaningful connections and purposeful pastimes, we ensure joy and happiness. Our bustling calendar of tailored activities, events and magic moments – guided by our resident’s preferences – aims to challenge, comfort and uplift all under our roof. There is something for everyone; every smile and conversation creates a loving and supportive environment.

Elderly Care Home Near Me - Pulborough - West Sussex - Anchorage Care Home

The right care for you

One of the biggest concerns for families is knowing that your vulnerable loved one is in the care of others. All of our staff possess certain qualities to ensure a positive and supportive environment.

Compassion & Empathy

These qualities extend beyond the physical dimensions of care. Our team possesses the necessary skills to meaningfully impact the emotional well-being of residents, cultivating a nurturing and supportive atmosphere that elevates their overall quality of life.

Patience & Communication Skills

Our staff excel in nurturing our residents, moving at their pace and supporting their needs. With solid communication talents, our team connects meaningfully with each individual. We find taking moments to listen and converse can make all the difference in building trust.

Observational Skills

Extensive training equips our caring team with the confidence and skills to recognise changes in residents’ health or disposition early on. By immediately picking up on these changes, we can swiftly respond with any necessary interventions or care plan adjustments.

Respect and Dignity

We aim to empower each and every one of our residents, giving them independence alongside support. Whether respecting their private time or addressing needs with empathy and understanding, we champion both independence and care collaboration.

Experience & Trained

All of the care team at Anchorage Care Home have the relevant experience and ongoing training to provide quality elderly care. With tailored expertise, our compassionate staff adapt to the distinct physical, social, and emotional needs of our residents’ needs.

Frequently Ask Questions

How is medication management handled?

Medication management is meticulously handled within our facility. Trained staff members, adept in the nuances of medication administration, are responsible for the entire process. Upon admission, a comprehensive risk assessment is conducted to determine the individual’s specific requirements and the level of support needed. This approach ensures that medication is ordered, stored, and administered with precision, adhering to the highest standards of safety and care.

How are medical needs addressed?

We have robust medical oversight and responsive systems in place to address health needs around the clock. As a care facility, we have carers on-site 24 hours daily to monitor residents and provide clinical support in our elderly care home. We also have strong ties with local GP surgeries as well as community health agencies to supplement our in-house care.

What is the cost and what’s included?

Depending on requirements and care levels, costs for residents within our residential care home can range between £1,100 – £1,400 per week. The cost includes the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Personal care
  • Mobility assistance
  • Meals and support at meal times
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Linens and towels
  • Themed events and entertainment
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance &

TV For further information, please contact us.

Contact Us

How often can my family visit?

We welcome loved ones to partake in community life within our residential care home, through regular visitation and involvement in an enriching lifestyle programme. We recommend calling before you visit to allocate adequate time and space to accommodate fuller family gatherings.

Can I specify meal preferences and schedules for my loved one?

Input from relatives and residents helps guide our lifestyle programme and daily menus, for engagement and comfort – we welcome collaboration to help your loved one feel right at home.

Next steps

Now you have an insight into our residential care home, feel free to arrange a visit to Anchorage Care Home to meet our staff and experience our fantastic facilities.

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